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Another Expert Agrees With Dark Comet Theory

February 21, 2013 – 11:31 am | No Comment

Astronomer David Asher (from Armagh University) has agreed with Bill Napier and Janaki Wickramasinghe (Cardiff University) that “dark comets” are real and dangerous.
The following quotes are from a paper by Napier and Asher published in Astronomy & Geophysics.

We know that about one bright comet (of absolute magnitude as bright as 7, comparable to Halley’s Comet) arrives in the visibility zone (perihelion q<5AU, say) each year from the Oort cloud. It seems to be securely established that ~1–2% of these are captured into Halleytype (HT) orbits. The dynamical lifetime of a body in such an orbit can be estimated, from which the expected number of HT comets is perhaps ~3000. The actual number of active HT comets is ~25. This discrepancy of at least two powers of 10 in the expected impact rate from comets as deduced from this theoretical argument on the one hand, and observations on the other, is …

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Global Warming or Ice Age?

Submitted by on December 15, 2010 – 12:40 pm5 Comments

Check out these news items from the last few days:

It might be the “warmest year on record”, or first-equal, or one of the top 3… but how meaningful is it, and does it mean we really have global warming? Thankfully the Daily Mail studied the numbers more deeply than many more-esteemed publications:

…with the exception of 1998 – a ‘blip’ year when temperatures spiked because of a strong ‘El Nino’ effect (the cyclical warming of the southern Pacific that affects weather around the world) – the data on the Met Office’s and CRU’s own websites show that global temperatures have been flat, not for ten, but for the past 15 years.

They go up a bit, then down a bit, but those small rises and falls amount to less than their measuring system’s acknowledged margin of error. They have no statistical significance and reveal no evidence of any trend at all.

…by the Met Office’s own account, the total rise in world temperatures since the 1850s has been less than 0.8 degrees

…Even Phil Jones, the CRU director at the centre of last year’s ‘Climategate’ leaked email scandal, was forced to admit in a little noticed BBC online interview that there has been ‘no statistically significant warming’ since 1995.

If you have been sitting on the fence, now is the time to tell your friends and colleagues that you are right and they are wrong. Global warming is not happening.

But what is happening, is that weather is getting wilder. I’d say it is due to our Sun becoming less consistent. We will be seeing hotter weather and colder weather and bigger hurricanes. In 50 years time it might not be global warming that is causing havoc, but unpredictable weather, and that is something we cannot change by riding a bike to work.


  • opit says: has a bunch of back-and-forth which illustrates how there has been a campaign to paint people not convinced by the guff proposing they have a magic program which can foretell the future as : ‘Deniers’ analogous to ‘Evolution Deniers’ i.e. scientific know-nothings driven by fear of science, belief in writings like Revelations…and likely paid by Koch Industries as well.
    But a side issue has come up which is very strange. Florida Oil Spill Law is a site fixed on a disaster of Biblical proportions. That might be right, too. Corexit sank the oil to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico ( by way of ‘dispersing’ it you see ) and it sits there interfering with the normal processes of heat dispersal through the Gulf Stream conveyors of heat to Europe. The site has gov’t simulations of the Loop Current – which was noted by one scientist as breaking up when the blowout was in progress.

  • NM156 says:

    It is the differance inbetween the cooling and warming, hot delayed summers and cold early winters. Are seasons are off imo they have been for several years. We are at the tipping point, where the cold and the warm are in a battle for supremacy. Watch the southern hemisphere this year, it is a good indication of what the northern hemisphere can expect. With all of my studies in this subject i have come to the conclusion that we are over due for a global cooling event, and i think that by 2015 we will be in the grips of a mini ice age at the least. I am expecting a silent spring for some regions in the northern hemisphere with in the next two years. The culmination of insurmountable events is playiong out, yet we are so blind to it’s subtle enterance. WHY?

  • Amy Evans says:

    Lets see … Europe is in the coldest winter in over a 1,000 years … Mexico is having the coldest winter in over a 100 years … reports are coming saying the Ocean Conveyor is either slowing down or has stopped all together … my bet goes for the big freeze!

  • Rebecca says:

    I read when the Earth climate warms so much that the Atlantic stream decreases and then ceases to flow….we’re in trouble….and this can cause another Ice Age! Sure hope I don’t get caught up in the cold….just don’t like it!

  • Amy Evans says:

    I have seen conflicting reports on wether the Ocean Vonveyor has slowed down, and possibly stopped … after the massive oil spill in the Gulf, it was said that at least the Gulf’s Conveyor had stopped.

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