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Another Expert Agrees With Dark Comet Theory

February 21, 2013 – 11:31 am | No Comment

Astronomer David Asher (from Armagh University) has agreed with Bill Napier and Janaki Wickramasinghe (Cardiff University) that “dark comets” are real and dangerous.
The following quotes are from a paper by Napier and Asher published in Astronomy & Geophysics.

We know that about one bright comet (of absolute magnitude as bright as 7, comparable to Halley’s Comet) arrives in the visibility zone (perihelion q<5AU, say) each year from the Oort cloud. It seems to be securely established that ~1–2% of these are captured into Halleytype (HT) orbits. The dynamical lifetime of a body in such an orbit can be estimated, from which the expected number of HT comets is perhaps ~3000. The actual number of active HT comets is ~25. This discrepancy of at least two powers of 10 in the expected impact rate from comets as deduced from this theoretical argument on the one hand, and observations on the other, is …

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Illuminati Infographic

November 28, 2012 – 7:16 pm | No Comment
Illuminati Infographic

If you have been following this blog, you’ll know that I am not an “everything plus the kitchen sink” conspiracy theorist.
I pick and choose. As a quick example, I think crop circles are made by the military, I am a global warming denialist, the moon landings could have been a hoax (but probably not), UFOs don’t exist, 9/11 was probably an inside job and JFK was killed by order of Mr. Onassis.
Regarding the “Illuminati”, my gut feeling is that they are real (in terms of a group of rich powerful folk trying to engineer our future), but their intentions are a combo of preserving personal wealth and improving the lot of everyone else.
I don’t believe in the “evil agenda”, primarily because it would have been too easy to achieve before now.
However, for amusement purposes only, here is the infographic:

Click on the image to see it in its full glory!
While some …

Pineal Gland and Fluoride

November 14, 2012 – 8:25 pm | No Comment
Pineal Gland and Fluoride

I read a lot of alternative news items, books etc. The vast majority of it fails to pass my BS-detector. But some do – which is good because I am skeptic who wants to believe. And when it comes to fluoride in our water, I think perhaps it could be for reasons other than protecting our teeth from decay.
First off, verifiable science, from an article at
Following the initial breakthroughs on the link between fluoride and pineal gland calcification, scientists began to examine the issue more closely. In 2006, the National Research Council (NRC) released its report: “Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards.”
The NRC began working on the report in 2003 as requested by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to review the latest research on fluoride toxicity and assess the EPA’s current safe drinking water standards for fluoride. In 2006, the report was …

My #1 Problem With Conspiracy Theorists

November 12, 2012 – 3:22 am | 3 Comments
My #1 Problem With Conspiracy Theorists

While I’m at it, here are all the problems I have with Conspiracy Theorists:
1. They have no BS detector. Few CTs will tell you that they believe in this wacky idea, but this other wacky idea is crazy and wrong. Typically they will believe anything and everything, because they want the problems in their lives to be caused by external agents. They will believe they cannot get a job because the Illuminati have spotted their paranoid CT ramblings in an email, although the real reason is probably their hair dyed bright orange.
2. 99.999% gonna happen, and basically nothing ever predicted by CTs has come true. A brilliant case in point, and the inspiration for this rant, is a post by Booth Gunter at HateWatch. He details the top conspiracy fears regarding the re-election of Obama. Anything from full dictatorship to removal of gun ownership rights, or even outright civil war. …

Global Depopulation Agenda

October 12, 2012 – 11:45 am | One Comment
Global Depopulation Agenda

I’m putting on my skeptic hat for this post…
I’m primarily responding to a post at Intel Hub that makes little sense – Depopulation is Real – US Deaths Reach Record High. The post immediately quotes a news report that explains clearly why deaths are rising.
The annual number of deaths has been generally rising for decades as the population has swelled …The report found that the rate of deaths per 100,000 people actually dropped to an all-time low.
And the post mentions Henry Kissinger’s National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) to Ted Turners admissions on video the globalists want us dead.
Well, National Security Study Memorandum 200 is almost 40 years old. These global elite sure take their time achieving their evil goals! It discusses threats to the USA from countries with rapidly growing populations – economic and security threats. And it recommends convincing those countries to have less babies via education and contraception. There’s …

David Wilcock No Longer Saving Us From The Global Elite Financial Tyrants

October 9, 2012 – 12:25 pm | 3 Comments
David Wilcock No Longer Saving Us From The Global Elite Financial Tyrants

David Wilcock was, last I heard, about to bring about mass arrests of the global financial “negative elite”. From the way he spoke, it was on the verge of happening. Of course all bar his most ardent followers presumed he was either terribly misled, or misleading us.
There is abundant evidence that this group is real — and will soon be defeated. Major changes are about to happen in the world.
We have proven that a small group of international bankers have seized control of the planet and its resources. Their plan has been in place for 300 years, and was followed with ruthless efficiency.
The difficulty of unseating this group is extreme, due to their penetration into all aspects of our society — including the media, the government and the judiciary.
Nonetheless, it appears that they are about to be overthrown by an international coalition of 138 nations — who have banded together …

Looking Like the Aurora Shooting = False Flag

July 26, 2012 – 11:15 am | No Comment
Looking Like the Aurora Shooting = False Flag

While I suspect that mind control does exist, and some killers are programmed (I even wrote a movie treatment on this very topic back in the 90s, Told), it is mostly likely that the majority of mass murders are genuinely the result of a disturbed loner.
However there are some cases in which I suspect governmental foul play. A good example is Martin Bryant and the Port Arthur Massacre, where a lot of the story just doesn’t make sense. That makes for an compelling conspiracy theory.

And now with the Aurora killings, it seems like a strong possibility that James Holmes was programmed – this is from USA Today:
University of Colorado officials disclosed Monday that mass shooting suspect James Holmes was being paid $26,000 a year for his studies — money that could have financed the cache of firearms, ammunition and explosive devices found in his apartment.
…Holmes, 24, unexpectedly dropped out of an …

The Ten Kings of the AntiChrist

May 24, 2012 – 6:20 am | 9 Comments
The Ten Kings of the AntiChrist

The Secrets of Fátima are well known. While the Third Secret was supposedly released by the Catholic Church in 2000, many experts have suggested that the true secret has been kept from us. Some believe it to be an end of the world prophecy, or at least the end of the Catholic Church.
Less well known is a similar prophecy, the Secret of La Salette. It says, in part:
The earth will be struck by calamities of all kinds (in addition to plague and famine which will be wide-spread). There will be a series of wars until the last war, which will then be fought by the ten Kings of the Antichrist, all of whom will have one and the same plan and will be the only rulers of the world. Before this comes to pass, there will be a kind of false peace in the world. People will think of nothing …

Chicago Evacuation Plans: False Flag?

May 2, 2012 – 10:07 am | 3 Comments
Chicago Evacuation Plans: False Flag?

Later this month (May 18-21), Chicago will be hosting a NATO Summit. Often such high-profile political meetings inspire riots and protests (like the 2004 NATO Summit in Turkey), yet strangely they keep choosing to have them in major cities (instead of somewhere less accessible). It’s almost as if the riots are something they don’t mind or that they might even like them. Perhaps a riot is something that the Powers-That-Be can use to their own advantage one day?
If you have thousands of masked people running riot downtown, then it would be very easy for corrupt officials to add their own agenda into the mix. It could be as simple as burning down a building, as serious as a murder (caused by random violence), or something related to terrorism even. And of course terrorists or foreign powers could also do the same.
False Flag scenarios tend to be forewarned by the very …

Mexico City Earthquake: Predicted!

March 25, 2012 – 9:23 am | One Comment
Mexico City Earthquake: Predicted!

“State System for Civil (public) Protection
Mega Simulation
Setting: Presence and effect of an earthquake of 7.9 on the Richter Scale.
Participants: General Public, Schools and Hospitals, both public and private, businesses, social and private agencies, as well as those dependents of the three levels of government.
The simulation with take place at 12 hrs
In School or at Work
Before – Be aware of the evacuation route and the reunion point established by your institution.
During – At 12 hrs suspend your activities and follow the evacuation route to the point of reunion, where you must remain until 1:00pm
After – Report your participation, results, and observations to the numbers: (list the numbers)
“Pas the Voice”
They are facts, not words”
Remarkably, not far from Mexico City, just two minutes after the drill commenced there was a 7.4 earthquake. Either this was a massive coincidence, or the drill was planned to occur at the same time as …

Homeland Security Tracking Preppers?

March 23, 2012 – 2:13 am | 3 Comments
Homeland Security Tracking Preppers?

Survivalist and Prepper websites have been reporting that the Department of Homeland Security has been paying them a visit – for example Off Grid Survival:

So of course I went and checked some of my sites, here are the totals since Jan 1, 2011:
2012 Connect   16
2012 Base    21
Survive 2012    237
That makes sense because the last site contains this blog, so there’s lots more new content to look at. I’m both proud and scared that they find my writing interesting. So I checked DOD and the Navy as well:

Click on the images for a closer look, but there were also 427 visits from the Department of Defence, and 716 from the Navy Network Information Center. Interestingly, the average page views and time spent on the site were extremely similar to DHS. And the spikes in visits correlated with spikes in general – they visited more on days the site …

Prophetic Card Game

March 20, 2012 – 8:44 pm | No Comment
Prophetic Card Game

Illuminati — New World Order was a card game released in 1995. When Steve Jackson was designing the game in 1990, without warning, a force of armed Secret Service agents – accompanied by Austin police and at least one civilian ‘expert’ from the phone company – occupied the offices of Steve Jackson Games and began to search for computer equipment. Steve Jackson fought back, and won.
Not a huge story, except for the cards that ended up in the pack. Many of them seem eerily prophetic, especially, and famously, the Twin Towers:

And the recent Japanese tsunami/nuclear disaster:

It’s probably just a case of an individual having an uncanny ability to sense the most likely potential tragedies… Freaky, regardless.
Oh, and Occupy Wall Street:

False Flag Damage Control

February 20, 2012 – 8:16 am | No Comment
False Flag Damage Control

It is well known that governments do their best to hide news they would rather we didn’t hear. Sometimes they pass laws at midnight before a public holiday. Sometimes they make bigger news to drown out the embarassing news…
The News They Don’t Want You To Hear
During the trial of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the Underwear Bomber) Kurt Haskell tells a court how he witnessed:

Umar bypassing passport control and security checks at Amsterdam airport
Despite Umar declaring that more bombs were on board, the plane taxied to the terminal, and officers did not look for more bombs, nor did they check the luggage of disembarking passengers
The bomb was impossibly defective
Umar was known as a terrorist, yet was allowed to board a US-bound flight

But Hear This: Terrorist Attempts To Blow Up Capitol
“The FBI and the U.S. Capitol Police arrested a Moroccan man Friday in downtown Washington after a lengthy investigation into an alleged plot …

What If Money Goes 100% Digital?

February 8, 2012 – 3:22 pm | No Comment
What If Money Goes 100% Digital?

The long term trend is obvious to any Sci-Fi fan – one day all transactions will be cashless. We might even have a universal currency known as credits!
There are some indications in Europe that the shift away from cash has begun:

Italy –  since 4th December 2011 amounts above € 1000 can no longer be paid in cash. This is to help stop tax avoidance, supposedly.
Belgium – soon the maximum for cash transactions will be € 5,000, down from € 15,000, for the same reason
EU – a directive has been issued regarding how they will enable a cashless society

Now a cashless society means that authorities get to track all transactions. And in the USA they are equating survivalist purchases with terrorism. So Preppers should probably only use trusted suppliers, and only pay cash.
And while cash can be kept safe, digital money can be taken from you with the click of a …

Updates on Drew Maras and Michio Kaku

February 4, 2012 – 9:38 pm | No Comment
Updates on Drew Maras and Michio Kaku

Suspected on killing a couple and a police officer, before being gunned down was Drew Ryan Maras, an author who was working on a book covering conspiracy theories and 2012 when he died.
BlogTalkRadio are replaying their interview with Drew from September last year:
Meanwhile physicist Michio Kaku has spoken out again about the risk of a solar flare removing the technology of the last hundred years from our lives. Yet Congress has not approved the funding that would keep the USA safe from harm. His weekly video is titled  We Are Sitting Ducks for Solar Flares

Tsarion and Icke: A Quick Critique

November 20, 2011 – 12:09 am | One Comment
Tsarion and Icke: A Quick Critique

Just got back from Michael Tsarion’s 8 hour talk in Melbourne. About 200 attended, at $80 each. More Aussie dates will follow.
I like the guy – he’s easy to watch and listen to, and is very bright. Unfortunately he has done a complete u-turn, just like David Icke. Whereas he was once angry about the NWO, now all he advocates is being a New Ager and hoping that inner spirituality will be your savior.
His tour promo page promised much:

Learn the truth about our origins and destiny.
Discover the truth of the 2012 agenda and what we can expect.
Find out who really governs from behind the thrones of government and religion.
Discover why the “New World Order” isn’t new at all.
Learn why so many US Presidents bloodline related to Europes elite royal dynasties.
Discover what the Biblical terms “Immaculate Conception,” “Forbidden Fruit,” and “Tree of Life” refer to.
Learn why some modern scientists believe that …