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Another Expert Agrees With Dark Comet Theory

February 21, 2013 – 11:31 am | No Comment

Astronomer David Asher (from Armagh University) has agreed with Bill Napier and Janaki Wickramasinghe (Cardiff University) that “dark comets” are real and dangerous.
The following quotes are from a paper by Napier and Asher published in Astronomy & Geophysics.

We know that about one bright comet (of absolute magnitude as bright as 7, comparable to Halley’s Comet) arrives in the visibility zone (perihelion q<5AU, say) each year from the Oort cloud. It seems to be securely established that ~1–2% of these are captured into Halleytype (HT) orbits. The dynamical lifetime of a body in such an orbit can be estimated, from which the expected number of HT comets is perhaps ~3000. The actual number of active HT comets is ~25. This discrepancy of at least two powers of 10 in the expected impact rate from comets as deduced from this theoretical argument on the one hand, and observations on the other, is …

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Secret Chamber Found at Machu Picchu

February 4, 2013 – 12:13 pm | No Comment
Secret Chamber Found at Machu Picchu

This is really exciting…
I haven’t been to many ancient sites (yet) – but when I do I always try to find secret entrances, even though I don’t expect a result. David Crespy, a French engineer, did just that at Machu Picchu, and he DID find a secret entrance. Many people will look at this pic and say “well, it was obvious”, and yet millions of other visitors never noticed it:

Realized between April 9th and April 12th 2012, the electromagnetic survey not only confirmed the presence of an underground room but several! Just Behind the famous entrance, a staircase was also discovered. The two main paths seem to lead to specific chambers, including to the main squared one. The different techniques used by the French researcher(s), (Molecular Frequencies Discriminator) allowed them to highlight the presence of important archaeological material, including deposits of metal and a large quantity of gold and silver!
Thierry Jamin is …

Information That Lasts Forever

July 29, 2012 – 11:27 pm | No Comment
Information That Lasts Forever

I presume forever is impossible, seeing as our universe probably has a finite existence
But if you want some information to last a very, very long time, it would need to be:

In a language that will always be understood
In a format that can always be read

The current trend is for English to become the global language of planet Earth. But languages (for example, English), can evolve rapidly – so the best we can do is write the information in basic English and preferably with as many synonyms as possible.
The format is easy – visual. Digital is hard to spot, and hard to decode once technology has moved on or disappeared.
Durability is difficult. Fortunately the nuclear waste industry has a strong need for leaving super-durable, easily read messages – and here’s a solution they have come up with:

Patrick Charton of the French nuclear waste management agency ANDRA presented one possible solution …

Early Fishing in East Timor

January 16, 2012 – 3:09 pm | No Comment
Early Fishing in East Timor

The main thrust of this news item is evidence suggesting humans were fishing 43,000 years ago, whereas the previous earliest date was just 12,000 years ago. But of equal interest was the fish they were catching:
The new finds blow that record out of the water. Sue O’Connor at the Australian National University in Canberra and colleagues dug through deposits at the Jerimalai shelter in East Timor. They discovered 38,000 fish bones from 23 different taxa, including tuna and parrotfish that are found only in deep water. Radiocarbon dating revealed the earliest bones were 42,000 years old.
Amidst the fishy debris was a broken fish hook fashioned from shell, which the team dated to between 16,000 and 23,000 years. “This is the earliest known example of a fish hook,” says O’Connor. Another hook, made around 11,000 years ago, was also found…
I’d be interested to …

Mysterious Stone Wheels / Stored Temporal Patterns

January 14, 2012 – 9:38 am | No Comment
Mysterious Stone Wheels / Stored Temporal Patterns

Satellite and aerial photography has revealed mysterious stone ‘wheels’ that are more numerous and older than the Nazca Lines in countries such as Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.
The structures are thought to date back 2,000 years, but why they were built is baffling archaeologists and historians.
They most likely have an argricultural purpose – but perhaps there is a mystery to be solved?
I’ve been alerted to a research paper that suggests that the Akashic Records / Mind of God could be real:
Photomultiplier tube measurements during simultaneous productions of nonlocal+ local photon emissions showed conspicuous doubling of the durations of the photon spikes from hydrogen peroxide-hypochlorite reactions if both loci were exposed to the same configurations of changing angular velocities of circular magnetic fields. Different experimentally manipulated temporal patterns of the photon emissions were evident as “spontaneous” spikes within 3 to 5 days after the actual injections when the same magnetic field …

Pre-Inca Mass Sacrifice – Amazing Photo

January 4, 2012 – 10:24 pm | 3 Comments
Pre-Inca Mass Sacrifice – Amazing Photo

If you’ve seen Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, and read about the Aztecs, you’ll be aware that horrific sacrifices were made to please the gods. In the case of the Aztecs, it was to postpone the end of the world. In recent news items that tell us there is no doomsday, they often show the Aztec Sun Stone and call it the Mayan calendar. And that Sun Stone features glyphs about the previous doomsdays!
The Aztecs were pretty closely related to the Maya, and they were so scared of the impending apocalypse they slaughtered their own people. The pre-Inca of Peru also conducted mass sacrifices, and they drank beer whilst doing so:
The pyramid is part of the Sicán site, the capital of the Lambayeque people—also known as the Sicán—who ruled Peru’s northern coast from about A.D. 900 to 1100.
Perhaps more than a hundred bodies—buried nude and some of them headless—lie in the newfound …

Volcano Destroyed Palenque / 2012 Rap

December 29, 2011 – 4:43 pm | No Comment
Volcano Destroyed Palenque / 2012 Rap

A study has found evidence that the Maya city of Palenque may have been destroyed by superheated volcanic gases and covered with ash. Meanwhile an eruption alert has been issued by the Mexican government for Popocatépetl, the volcano that sits next to Mexico City. Imagine if it erupted during the Pope’s visit!
There have been a few video raps about 2012 in recent years, but this one stands out because it features an intellectual heavyweight: Noam Chomsky.

Ancient Mayans in Ancient USA? Big Debate

December 26, 2011 – 11:30 pm | One Comment
Ancient Mayans in Ancient USA? Big Debate

At the demise of the Mayan civilization, did the middle classes and commoners head north and form new cities in what is now the USA?

An article at has caused a lot of chatter online, with people seeming divided on the validity of the concept.
NB: content comes from thousands of writers who are self-motivated independent contributors.
People of One Fire researchers have been aware since 2010 that when the English arrived in the Southeast, there were numerous Native American towns named Itsate in Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina and western North Carolina. They were also aware that both the Itza Mayas of Central America and the Hitchiti Creeks of the Southeast actually called themselves Itsate . . . and pronounced the word the same way.  The Itsate Creeks used many Maya and Totonac words. Their architecture was identical to that of Maya commoners. The pottery at Ocmulgee National Monument (c 900 AD) in …

North Korea / Pyramid Snake in 2012

December 17, 2011 – 4:21 pm | No Comment
North Korea / Pyramid Snake in 2012

US Government officials believe North Korea will soon be building its first road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile, an easily hidden weapon capable of hitting the United States. While the major concern is that North Korea might target nuclear warheads at the USA sometime in the future, an easier to realise payload could have catastrophic effects – High Altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse.
Such a device, if nuclear-powered, could affect the electronics of an entire continent. But there are also non-nuclear HEMP devices. Because their explosive materials are much bulkier, they are more likely to be used on a specific target – Wall Street for example, or the downtown of any city. And they wouldn’t be restricted to sending just one. What if they fired one at every major city in the USA, all on the same day? Or what if they targeted nuclear power plants?
The recent upheavals in Egypt caused research permits to be …

Sven Gronemeyer: No Doomsday

December 2, 2011 – 2:11 pm | 3 Comments
Sven Gronemeyer: No Doomsday

Gronemeyer has been studying the stone tablet found years ago at the archeological site of Tortuguero in Mexico’s Gulf coast state of Tabasco.
He said the inscription describes the return of mysterious Mayan god Bolon Yokte at the end of a 13th period of 400 years, known as Baktuns, on the equivalent of Dec. 21, 2012. Mayans considered 13 a sacred number. There’s nothing apocalyptic in the date, he said.
The text was carved about 1,300 years ago. The stone has cracked, which has made the end of the passage almost illegible.
Gronemeyer said the inscription refers to the end of a cycle of 5,125 years since the beginning of the Mayan Long Count calendar in 3113 B.C.
The above is well-known. What would have caught the attention of readers was the title of the Telegraph article – The end of the world not happening – for now …

Dec 21, 2012: Second Mayan Reference

November 26, 2011 – 4:44 pm | 2 Comments
Dec 21, 2012: Second Mayan Reference

Mayan experts keen to debunk 2012 doomsday theories used to point out how strange it was that the Mayans never mentioned the specific date of (their equivalent to) Dec 21, 2012, not anywhere. The only way we knew of it is by determining when their Long Count would finish, and start again. Then a few years ago some scholars let us in on a secret, the date is inscribed upon Tortuguero Monument 6:
…(long ago) it happened, the day Eight Chuwen, the ninth of Mak
when the Becoming-Ripe-House was constructed(?).
It was the ‘underground house’ (shrine) of (the god) Ahkal K’uk’.
It was two and nine-score days, three years, eight-score years and 3 x 400 years
(before) the Thirteenth Bak’tun will end
on Four Ajaw, the third of Uniiw,
when ..?.. it will occur,
the descent..?.. of B’olon Yookte’ at ..?..
Given that there was just one mention, experts assured us that Dec 21 2012 was not an important …

Meteor Carving, Circa 3000BC

August 30, 2011 – 11:41 am | No Comment
Meteor Carving, Circa 3000BC

Many independent researchers believe that something must of occurred in 3114BC to trigger the start of the Mayan Long Count calendar – and therefore any information about events from 5,000 years ago catch my eye – like this one:
A 5,000-year old rock carving in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region depicts a falling meteor, said archaeologists on Saturday.
A rock on the side of Dahei Mountain in the city of Chifeng has images of people, domed houses and a fire ball with a long tail falling from the sky engraved on it, said Wu Jiacai, head of the Inner Mongolia rock paintings protection association.
It’s a shame that news reports from China don’t usually come with images… I guess that the meteor could just as easily be a comet?

Ancient Tunnel Network

August 8, 2011 – 1:04 pm | One Comment
Ancient Tunnel Network

I need to buy the book, for this report from the Daily Mail makes it hard to assess whether there truly was a network (from Scotland to Turkey), or if people in various places just dug a few tunnels…
‘Across Europe there were thousands of them – from the north in Scotland down to the Mediterranean.
‘Most are not much larger than big wormholes – just 70cm wide – just wide enough for a person to wriggle along but nothing else.
‘They are interspersed with nooks, at some places it’s larger and there is seating, or storage chambers and rooms.
‘They do not all link up but taken together it is a massive underground network.’

I understand hiding in tunnels for defensive purposes, but crawling underground for many miles does not make a lot of sense. 10,000 years ago there just wasn’t the population or deforestation of today. Even in WW1 and WW2 it wasn’t …

Hawass Fired (again)

July 19, 2011 – 11:44 am | 2 Comments
Hawass Fired (again)

He had it good for a very long time.  He established himself as the Indiana Jones of Egypt. He had TV shows that screened globally. He dominated and controlled the pyramids and anything else ancient in Egypt. He (seemingly) had alternative authors at his mercy – love me or no access. And he was about to have his own range of clothing:
With all the upheavals in Egypt recently, it has been a tumultuous period for Zahi Hawass. He was arrested, resigned, and re-appointed. Now, seen as part of the Old Guard, he is finally gone for good.
[Zahi Hawass] was fired Sunday after months of pressure from critics who attacked his credibility and accused him of having been too close to the regime of ousted President Hosni Mubarak.
Zahi Hawass, long chided as publicity loving and short on scientific knowledge, lost his job along with about a dozen other ministers in a …

iPad App / New Mayan City / Official ET Disclosure

May 8, 2011 – 4:17 pm | No Comment
iPad App / New Mayan City / Official ET Disclosure

Lawrence E. Joseph, one of the few researchers imploring people to prepare for the worst, and author of the bestselling Apocalypse 2012, has an iPad/iPhone app out called Apocalypse 2012: The Survival Guide. I haven’t seen it, but it is described as featuring video interviews with the author and “page-turner text”. The price is $11.99. Official press release at
The ancient Maya city of Holtun, or Head of Stone is one step closer to being excavated:
Using GPS and electronic distance-measurement technology last year, the researchers plotted the locations and elevations of a seven-story-tall pyramid, an astronomical observatory, a ritual ball court, several stone residences, and other structures.
At present the entire city lies beneath jungle and dirt. Archaeologists didn’t know of this buried city until the early 1990s, when they learned of looters stealing giant stucco masks measuring up to ten feet tall. Hopefully, once excavated, they’ll …

New Alien Art Unearthed

April 15, 2011 – 10:07 pm | 3 Comments
New Alien Art Unearthed

The art – close to the Drysdale River, where tourists visit by helicopter for picnics – includes depictions of Wandjinas, the supreme spirit beings with large mouthless faces and black eyes.
If you watched the excellent Ancient Aliens TV series, you may have caught the segment that showed ancient art from all over the world showing “alien” depictions like the one above, recently discovered in Australia. The two most likely possibilities are:
1) This is a style that came naturally to ancient artists. Generally speaking, large eyes are more appealing (check out the ratios of eye size to face in popular animated TV shows). So just like the ancient fertility symbols / goddess figurines had exaggerated hips and breasts, perhaps exaggerated eyes served a similar artistic purpose.
2) Either a different human species, or aliens, actually looked like this.