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NOTE: With the exception of the blog, this site is an archive from Dec 2012. Obviously there was no global cataclysm in late 2012…

2012 could end up being nothing… or it could truly be a SHTF Doomsday

A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.
The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

Proverbs 22:3

The Long Count Calendar of the Ancient Mayans ends on Dec 21 2012. There isn’t much information regarding what the Mayans thought would occur in 2012, but the consensus of opinion is that there will be great change. To some people this means a positive, spiritual change. Others, like myself, consider that a catastrophic event may have been predicted, and it might mean the end of the world, as we know it.

Read more about the Mayan calendar and Ancient Mayan Culture.

Give It Another 6 Months (at least)

I know what many people are thinking – yet another doomsday prophet trying to milk it a little bit more…

Nothing could be further from the truth – I don’t want a tragic result – and I’ll be well pleased if this marvelous world continues along its relatively happy journey.

It’s not a case of being proven right or wrong, be it for myself or the ancient Mayan civilization. For me it is about tricking/fooling/convincing people into preparing for the worst, just in case. Regardless of 2012 it is probably the best thing you will ever do for yourself and family. Obviously the shock and awe of Dec 21, 2012 has past. So I won’t be putting as much effort into this mission from now – but hopefully enough people have become preppers to make my prior work worthwhile. Read more in my blog post about why I feel that until mid-2013 we could still be in danger…

2012 – Solved

1. Many ancient cultures (including the Maya) were capable of watching the skies over long periods of time (longer than we have), and recording their observations.

2. Auroras at low latitudes (down towards the equator) are very rare, less than once per lifetime. Ancient cultures, unable to explain their presence, could have been very scared and concerned when auroras were observed.

3. By noting auroral activity over centuries or even millennia, a repeating pattern might have been discovered.

4. Of the various ways an ancient culture could have warned of the next bout of low latitude auroras, one is a calendar with a definitive end date, such as the Long Count calendar of the ancient Maya. Because the calendar was in continuous use, the end date was not forgotten.

Auroras might have been just scary lights in the sky for ancient cultures, but they can kill us. Low latitude auroras only appear during the most massive solar storms. Those same storms can take out the power grids of modern society (countries closest to the poles with the oldest grids are at the most risk – and that includes the USA), and take months or even years to repair. That would equal millions of deaths. Read more about the risks of Solar Storms.

Survive 2012 – The Book

Survive 2012 by Robert Bast

Survive 2012 is a non-fiction book available now for purchase (and preview) at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Kindle and as a PDF file. The book describes the major threats we may face in 2012, and how to ensure your own survival…

Is the World Going to End in 2012?

There is zero scientific evidence that anything will happen, but there are numerous things that could easily threaten the human species in the year 2012, such as a geomagnetic reversal, solar storm or supernova. Or something more intimate, like a flu pandemic, or a nuclear war. Any predictions you hear about 2012, even on this site, are pure speculation.


1) Solar Storms. NASA have acknowledged that the power grids of North America could go down if Earth is hit by a geomagnetic storm like the Carrington Event of 1859. The grids of Europe, Russia, China, Australasia and South Africa are also at risk. The solar cycle is about to peak. And governments have failed to prepare. Imagine your world without electricity…

2) A Comet. NASA has been making plenty of videos and articles debunking 2012. They (correctly) say we are safe from asteroids this year, but they are strangely quiet about comets. That’s because one could be headed for us right now and we wouldn’t see it yet. And a dark comet, well, we wouldn’t see it coming until the last minute.

Ancient advanced cultures, like the Maya, had one advantage over modern science – the length of their existence. The return of a long period comet could have been predicted by ancient astronomers. And a pattern of solar storms could have been detected simply by noting the rare occurences of auroras at low latitudes.

How Can I Protect Myself?

What does Rob think?

Although I’d prefer new age enlightenment, I can’t help but think something terrible may occur, and that ancient civilisations have left us coded warnings (hint: I’m not talking about Nostradamus). The recent 2012 movie (get it on DVD, watch the trailer) covers several leading possiblities.

Read an explanation of my 2012 theory

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Do You Have An Insurance Policy?

I have no idea if something bad will happen in 2012 or not. Nobody really knows. Most home owners have fire insurance, even though they do not expect their house to ever burn. They have it because losing their home and contents would be devastating, and insurance is quite cheap.

The human species does not have an insurance policy that covers a global cataclysm in 2012. Until governments, organisations or high-worth individuals make an effort, my intention is to do the best I can, because at least 1 person out of 6 billion people should make an effort.


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