About Robert Bast

Robert Bast is the author of Survive 2012 – a popular website and book. He also managed a 2012 directory, a 2012 wiki, a 2012 social network and a 2012 forum.

Robert Bast grew up in New Zealand, roamed the world for a long time, and finally chose Melbourne, Australia as the best place to live. The inspiration for this site was Graham Hancock’s “Fingerprints of the Gods”, and this site was launched in the year 2000. Since then it has had over 5 million visitors.

Many of the online articles are old and do not reflect the content of the book, which is available at Amazon.
This site is proud to be #314 in the book “505 Unbelievably Stupid Webpages” ;)

Rob and some forum members were the subject of a Playboy article in 2009. Rob’s other media appearances include 2011: 100 Days of Disaster (Australian TV documentary), Urban Male Magazine (Canada), the cover story of Hard Evidence magazine (Australia), 2012 – The Final Prophecy – a documentary on National Geographic channel (an excerpt of Rob also appeared on Entertainment Tonight), and various radio interviews, including China Radio International, a breakfast radio show in Ireland, a plethora of Australian radio interviews, talkback in Canada & Johannesburg, and some alternative online radio stations and podcasts.

When Dec 21, 2012 came around, Rob was on numerous live TV and radio shows, and then he hastily retreated to his safe spot with his family. They are still there today, just in case.

He still writes about 2012 and other esoteric / scientific topics. And the idea that we live in a simulation – WeAreNotReal.com

For more details and info, visit RobertBast.com