Are 2012 authors just trying to make a quick buck?

There are a few different angles one can taking in answering this question:

  • You could argue that all authors on all topics are just after an easy living, for despite all the torment that one might get from “writer’s block”, in the greater scheme of things, writing is easier than most jobs out there.
  • Given that writing could be seen a cushy occupation, and that the old adage “write what you know about” holds true, then I suppose being a writer is one thing, but the chosen topic is typically heartfelt.
  • Writing books pays off if you are J K Rowling, or even Graham Hancock, but most readers would be surprised at how little most seemingly successful authors earn. If you wish to look for writers seeking to prosper from the 2012 meme, look at their extra-curricular activities, and how often they repackage the same ideas over and over again.
  • More than for money, many 2012 authors are probably, if they were to be psycho-analyzed, more keen on being famous, being appreciated, or basically being loved. That’s not so bad, we all seek this in our own individual manner.
  • Even when 2012 authors conspicuously profit from their endeavours, perhaps spreading the word was the instigator, and seeking an income (something we all need…) came later.
  • Although I am not representative of the typical 2012 researcher, if you want an example of someone not having profit as the motivation for writing about 2012 – I will always earn considerably more from my day job, and I put that income in jeopardy by spending so much time on 2012. And I need my day job if I am ever able to afford to build a bunker.