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But how can the poles shift?

Rather than the Earth being a solid piece of rock, it is divided into distinct layers.  We live on the outer surface of the crust, which is broken up into six main continental plates and a few smaller ones.  Geologists have differing opinions on what is further below, but for our purposes this simplified model will suffice:

The inner core consists of solid iron and is surrounded by an outer core of liquid iron.  The lower mantle is made of molten rock.  The upper mantle and crust are solid, but only loosely connected and are able to slip and slide against each other, the least effect of which is continental drift.  All layers are capable of independent movement.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

Directly below the Earth's crust (or lithosphere) at a depth of 50-150 kilometres is a layer called the asthenosphere.  It is constructed of a low-velocity plastic material capable of flow.  The crust is split into plates, and the tectonic plate theory says that these plates move individually, slipping over the hot semi-plastic asthenosphere, at a rate of 1-4 cms a year.  The action of these plates pushing against each other causes mountain ranges to form, causes earthquakes and stimulates volcanic activity.

Apart from being a permanent constant (orthodox gradualist view), this movement of a miniscule 1-4 cms a year could also be the low point in a fluctuating system, or the crust's momentum finally coming to a halt after a major slippage of 30 degrees, which occurred in recent times - perhaps 12,000 years ago.

There are two ways in which the location of the poles might shift:

1. Poleshift: A sudden and radical displacement of the planet's axis of rotation (the earth tips over).


2. Poleshift: A slippage of the planet's solid crust over the molten interior - so that the polar locations change.[6]

Entire planet tipping over

The layers of the Earth remain stable, and the entire planet tips over as one unit.  This could either be caused by unknown extra-terrestrial forces, or the Earth somehow becoming unbalanced.  A similar unbalancing event probably happened on Mars.  Along its equator is a massive volcano known as Tharsis, which is the largest known gravity anomaly in our solar system.  Either this volcano formed on the equator and has remained there ever since, or, more likely, it formed elsewhere and then migrated there due to centrifugal forces.  If a point on a spinning globe is much heavier than average, then centrifugal forces will try to shift that point towards the equator

If this happened to Earth then it is hard to say how fast it would shift, or what level of catastrophe would occur.  It could feasibly be so slow and uneventful that we wouldn't even notice.

 In 1955 Thomas Gold[7] stated that if the earth were a perfect sphere instead of a flattened spheroid, 'the smallest beetle walking over it would be able to change the axis of rotation relative to markings on the sphere by an arbitrarily large angle; the axis of rotation in space would change by a small angle only'.

Fortunately, that cannot happen, because the earth has an equatorial bulge.  This gives our planet stability, in the same way that a spinning top, which is wider in the middle, manages to stay upright as long as it keeps spinning.

Made out of solid wood, a top could happily spin forever without any harm coming to it.  But if it were hollow, however, and something loose was rattling around inside, then its spinning actions would eventually cause it to wear our - friction and interaction between two objects will always eventually cause fatigue and destruction.  The earth, as we saw above, is not a single solid unit - it has layers that scrape against each other.

Slippage of the crust

Charles Hapgood proposed that this slippage between the top two layers of the Earth allows for the continental plates to move as a single unit, rapidly over great distances - just as the skin of an orange, if separated from the fruit's inner part, can move as one piece.  The core remains where it is, and the axis and orbit of the planet remain unchanged.  Orthodox science, fixating on the idea of gradualism, has chosen to ignore this idea. They have yet to disprove it.

The crust's movement over the asthenosphere would create mayhem.  If the current level of volcanic and earthquake activity is caused by plates shifting 1-4 cms a year, then imagine what would happen if they shifted thousands of kilometres in less time!

In 1955, just prior to his death, Albert Einstein wrote this foreword to a book on pole shifts:

I frequently receive communications from people who wish to consult me concerning their unpublished ideas.  It goes without saying that these ideas are very seldom possessed of scientific validity.  The very first communication, however, that I received from Mr. Hapgood electrified me.  His idea is original, of great simplicity, and - if it continues to prove itself - of great importance to everything that is related to the history of the earth's surface..  The author has not confined himself to a simple presentation of the idea.  He has also set forth, cautiously and comprehensively, the extraordinarily rich material that supports his displacement theory.  I think that this rather astonishing, even fascinating, idea deserves the serious attention of anyone who concerns himself with the theory of the earth's development."[8]

The book is by Charles Hapgood - The Earth's Shifting Crust (1958).



1. Opposing Views
2. Immanuel Velikovsky
3. But How Can the Poles Shift?
Next >>> 4. Charles Hapgood and James Bowles
5. Evidence of a Poleshift, Part I
6. Evidence of a Poleshift, Part II

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Comments from Visitors

The sun will rise up from the west just before the end of the days.
(16.04.2004, 14:53)

i had a dream of a planet in orbit (maybe these planets we have seen beyond pluto?)coming only a couple miles from the earth and everyone in the world could feel its precense.
(21.04.2004, 14:34)

the sun will rise form the west as if made of blood for it is the sun of auestrialez meaning world changing events will take place on this day
(24.04.2004, 22:36)

Xoe Stone:
Today, 7/15/2004, Bill Nye, "The Science Guy", was a guest speaker on CNN discussing the possible shifting of Earth's magnetic poles. He reported evidence of anomalies and shifts in the poles. He admitted scientists were somewhat confused as to what "might" be happening. - - And then, also today, I came across a website devoted to keeping track of & reporting recent/growing seismic & geothermal activity at Yellowstone, a known "super volcano" site. The reports, dating from last year, included quotes like: "Ground surface deformation ... is a reliable indicator of an impending eruption." & "Some plant and animal species will disappear forever." & also, "...anyone living within 600 miles of Yellowstone could be sitting in a modern day Pompeii. In addition, for those living outside this area and West of the Mississippi River, there could be grievous consequences as well, because systemic processes are now building beneath Yellowstone that paint a very clear picture of a major eruption event in its early stages." - - Pardon the pun, but couldn't a massive super volcano blowing its Earth-shattering top be a potential "smoking gun" in terms of the second theory presented above...? Couldn't such an event precipitate a "shift" in the poles or, perhaps not precipitate it, but play a significant or key role in such a shift? - - Something to think about...or so I think.
(15.07.2004, 23:18)

Xoe Stone:
Also, just conjecture here, but...owing to Yellowstone's geological history, it would seem to me that if Yellowstone (and other super volcano sites) was (were) known to become active on a fairly regular (geologically-speaking) basis, wouldn't the Ancient people of the world have known of it? Written about it? Spread the information, stories, and legends around the world along trade/migration routes and by various other means (accidental and intentional)? - - I would think so...and would further suggest that perhaps the various calendars of the world stand as a sort of "geological alarm clock". Of course it sounds a bit farfetched, but no less so than a person of some ancient time envisioning a time when man walked on the moon or sent probes to Mars, Saturn, and Mercury, amongst many other places. Or, who knows, maybe they did know of people going to/from space...our own technological ability in no way implies our long dead ancestors might not or could not have done so. The thought is worth entertaining.
(15.07.2004, 23:31)

i was under the impression that the volcanic activity was a result of not a reason for these plates moving. - either way, it's quite interesting.
(12.08.2004, 04:01)

Taken from Cayce's readings and Ruth Montgomery's books, the changing paramaters of the shift means that the poles may not shift more than 12 degrees in about 4 hours.
(30.08.2004, 14:04)

funny how films come out, relating to events that are to take place - as if to pre warn us. - the core, the day after tomorrow, etc. - a few years back many films about commets were out. then after these films a commet is to hit earth and comes within with thousands of miles of us! the govement knows and movies are the best way to prepare us.
(17.10.2004, 12:54)

Hope This Helps:
If one was really concerned about pole shift, then one would want to reduce the polar ice and snow mass causing the rotational instability. (reciprocity)
(20.11.2004, 16:56)

Sean Reed:
Have observed first hand that geography of southern California suggests that a tremendous volume of sea water 1000s of feet high has flowed through the Indio Valley/Palm Springs Valley and into the Colorado River Valley. The tops of pre-flood hills in the high desert protrude from the sand, but not east of Colorado River indicating the massive flow drained through there. Along the San Bernardino Mountains, fossils have been exposed during the recent Eocine, indicating that the flood occurred since then.
(21.11.2004, 14:55)

The shifting of the poles is just one area of interest I have researched. When the crust and core are joined, then the poles are unified, either North, or South. But when the crust and core separate, this creates a North pole on the crust and a North pole on the core. The two separate North poles then repel each other, as do the two south poles. This causes them to repel each other and then be attracted to the opposite poles - North crust is attracted to South Core, and South crust to North core. As the core is the dominant mass, the crust totally inverts and eventually fuses to the core and the poles unify again. But now the earth (crust) is upside down and rotating in the other direction in relation to the stars. There are many references in ancient texts to the sun rising in what was the west and setting in the east following a period when the sky went black and all hell broke loose. It's actually very simply, but the results for us on the surface are not going to be pleasant!
(25.12.2004, 20:37)

Orion will once again become the king of the sky!!! A new age will come!!!
(26.12.2004, 00:24)

Craig D. E.:
It may be that the Quake 9.0 1943 started the pole shift. It was deep beneath the surface(crust), and may have started a chain reaction. Cause and effect. This would be only one factor in the equation, but may have contributed. It's hard to say since our poles are constantly moving, that is the magnetic poles
(25.02.2005, 00:45)

Leon Ringhouse:
I got a magnet question. Can a steal permanent - magnet change poles ?
(26.02.2005, 01:00)

Vito Paolo:
Interesting theories. The thing is your two models for polar shifts are radically different from one another. I don't think there is anything on the Earth (unless the Earth's core popped out to the suface like a goiter) supermassive enough to throw off the Earth's rotation. Barring the Earth just stopping spinning, which it won't unless the Sun stops exerting gravitational forces on it, which it won't unless the Sun burns out or collapses, which it won't (collapse) because its not massive enough, the Earth won't physically tip over. The topographical shift of land so that the geographical pole shifts is very possible but different from the Earth falling over which is far fetched. Also, as Ross L. put forth before, since the Earth is magnetized by the Sun, if the current from the Sun switches direction, the poles can be swapped with no catastrophe whatsoever so change to the physical Earth.
(14.03.2005, 14:47)

Yellowstone Volcano Documentary - April 10,2005 - - The North American Premiere of Supervolcano, a two-hour reality-based thriller airing Sun., April 10 at 8 p.m. ET/ 9 p.m. PT, merges documentary with drama to create a vivid picture of an actual potential volcanic disaster.
(04.04.2005, 00:34)

COMPASSES will not always point north. Every 500 000 years or so the Earth's magnetic field flips, swapping the positions of the magnetic poles. The last time this happened was 780 000 years ago.-New Scientist
(14.04.2005, 15:19)

Michelle M Schwenk:
The woman clothed with the sun in revelations could not be standing straight up against the dragon unless the poles shift. Do you find this to be true?
(30.04.2005, 07:20)

Jason Low:
The pole shift is assumed to happen in late 2012. Novelty theory says that it will all come to an end on 12/21/2012. Even if you find novelty theory (http:// /eschaton /finalillusion.html)to be obsurd, it is still an amazing coincidence. Not to mention the other astrological and religious coincidences. - - [From Rob Bast - It depends on if you believe that McKenna had not heard of the Mayan doomsday when he came up novelty theory. In my opinion it is contrived]
(14.08.2005, 01:05)

I've been reading about the Shift for 29 years now, mostly through Edgar Cayce's work and the books by Ruth Montgomery. We have started talking about it at work more and more. I have 4 grocery bags full of seeds, and we just ordered a spark lighter from the Army and already have the long john underwear. Hope we're not near the boiling water! The Tsunami should be a wake-up call. Everyone who is Christian knows that we're ripe for the second coming by what's happening in the Middle East. This is to follow the shift. I think that we need to be really grateful for the life we have now, stop worrying about the gas prices and try to make a move to some safe areas to live. I'm already in the Shenandoah Valley which should be safe. Now I have to get to work on the cast iron cookware. Cayce says in one reading, "The earth is green again". No doubt would take a while for the oceans to grow vegetation out of the murky waters full of dead sea animals. Walk-Ins are featured on Unsolved Mysteries. It's just a matter of time.
(14.08.2005, 04:22)

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[6] John White, Pole Shift (1980), page xix

[7] T. Gold, 'Instability of the earth's axis of rotation', Nature, vol. 175, 1955, pp. 526-9; Pole Shift, p. 60.

[8] Charles Hapgood, The Earth's Shifting Crust (1958)


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