- The Aquatic Ape Theory
 - Pyramids as Cosmic Ray Shelters


 - The Bast Theory

the book

Why 2012?
 - Introduction
 - Mayan Calendar
 - Fractal Time / I Ching
 - Galactic Alignment

Cataclysm? How?
 - Maybe Eta Carinae?

 - Introduction / Ouroboros
Africa / Scandic / Babylon
The Americas
Ancient Greece & China
DNA & the I Ching
Were Dragons Real?

Nazca Lines
 - General Info
 - Who created them?
 - What do they mean?
 - Belt of Orion?
 - Other geoglyphs

Pole Shifts
 - Opposing Views
 - Velikovsky
 - How could they Shift?
 - Hapgood and Bowles
 - Evidence Part I
 - Evidence Part II

Global Pyramids
 - Middle East / Africa
 - The Americas
 - Europe
 - Asia and Pacific

Patrick Geryl
 - 2012 Polar Reversal
 - North Becomes South

As well as...
 - Cosmic Rays
 - 2012: Year of the Dragon

Einstein supported both Hapgood and Velikovsky


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About the author

I grew up in rural New Zealand. His mother had a few von Daniken books and "The World's Last Mysteries". Since reading these as a young boy, I desired to find a universal answer to such things as the pyramids and the Nazca Lines. After eagerly leaving school, I worked hard at regular jobs and then travelled the world for many, many years, seeing weird things and living life to its fullest. After reading Graham Hancock's "Fingerprints of the Gods" I got my act together in 1998 and began a long-overdue, three-pronged writing career ( Survive 2012, screenplays and web sites ). Currently I have given up on screenplays, am making small fortune from web sites, and will retire from my corporate web work in late 2008 to complete Survive 2012

Survive 2012 could not exist without the power of the internet. I have deep respect for anyone who can research an entire non-fiction book purely by going to libraries and finding stuff in books. And even more respect for those who did it before the typewriter was invented.

Almost daily a new book arrives that I have purchased online, and of the hundreds I have read, a few rather obscure works have been massively helpful. I also read the latest science news online, and have files full of information that would not otherwise be obtainable just by reading books.

Although I travelled extensively when I was younger, I have not visited any of the sites my book focuses on. Although I intend to visit them one day, the theoretical side of things takes a priority. Strangely, the only pyramid I have seen is one that most people would not believe exists - in Western Samoa.

The goal of Survive 2012 is to

1) Complete and publish the book
2) Get at least a handful of people to understand my concerns
3) Start a serious survival project, something on the scale of Biosphere 2, (but not enclosed...)

The survival project would involve doing what ever is necessary to ensure that at least some humans survive a global cataclysm. If such a cataclysm does not occur in 2012, fingers-crossed, the intention is for it to be an on-going project for hundreds or thousands of years, because one day that cataclysm will come, and nobody else is prepared for it.

Well, I'm aware of one other person, Patrick Geryl of Belgium, who is planning on building a survival ship. He has published a few books on the topic. His tone suggests he actually wants the world to end....

I currently live in front of a computer screen in Melbourne, Australia...





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