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DNA and the I Ching

Just like Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs, Nü-Kua was a dragon that taught her people about art, irrigation and agriculture.  She had a male partner, another half-dragon named Fu Xi, and he taught humans how to hunt, fish and create music.  He also had a role in creating the eight trigrams which were the foundation of the I'Ching. [17]

Fu Xi became the first Emperor of China, circa 2800 BC.  One day he spotted a dragon-horse rising out of the Yellow River.  On its side were some markings which Fu Xi recorded.  He called them the Ho Tu, from which he derived eight trigrams which represented the four cardinal directions and the diagonals between.

Figure 1: Ancient and modern forms of the Ho Tu


Figure 2: The trigrams of Fu Xi

These eight trigrams are the basis of the I-Ching, the oldest scripture in Chinese culture.  In 1122 BC, the official records of the Zhou dynasty stated that three different versions of the I'Ching existed, (although only the one that we use today has survived).

Several modern books like the Tao of Chaos have demonstrated extraordinary similarities that link the I'Ching to modern knowledge of DNA structures. [18]  Basically, DNA comprises of four code letters, A, T, C and G.  These are combined into sets of three, known as codons. This means that there are 4 x 4 x 4 = 64 combinations available, and the I Ching also has 64 combinations.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

An 8x8 magic square can be constructed by placing the numbers 1.64 in sequence, and then reversing the order of the green positions.  The total of any line gives us 260, the number of days in the Tzolkin, the Mayan sacred calendar.  Is it just a coincidence that the next Year of the Dragon is 2012?



DNA is of course directly related to mutations, which we shall look into in a later chapter.  Also, links have been made to the description of the 22-letter Hebrew language (as described in the Hebrew book of creation Sefer Yetzirah), and the 22 major arcane Tarot cards - each corresponding to the 22 amino acid and punctuation groups of DNA.

[See Occult Genetic Code & Interpreting "Sefer Yetzirah" through Genetic Engineering]


Figure 3: DNA meets the I Ching, according to Katya Walter

DNA symbols

There are two serpentine symbols associated with medicine today, the staff of Aesculapius and the Cadeuceus, although the staff of Aesculapius has the strongest mythological association to healing.  Aesculapius was a Roman physician who was such a skilled healer that he became a god, and temples were dedicated to him.  The symbol of his wooden staff with only one snake coiled around it was adopted by the American Medical Association early last century.

The Cadeuceus has a slightly [*] more ancient background and, more importantly, it reinforces our links between floods, DNA and serpents/dragons.

The Cadeuceus is a figure that consists of two entwined serpents encircling a wand or rod.  It was carried by Hermes in Greek myths and Mercury in Roman mythology as the messenger of the gods.  It was a symbol of authority and protected the herald who carried it.

The similarity of this symbol to the double helix of DNA strands is a common observation.  By looking at Greek myths we can find links to cataclysms and re-creation...

Hermes was the grandson of Atlas;

  • Atlas kept the world steady on his shoulders (in a non-poleshift state). He was the father of Maia
  • Maia / Maya, was the Greek goddess of spring and rebirth. The month of May is named after her, and Maia means "the maker"
  • Zeus made Maia his wife and she settled in a cave 1700 metres up the slopes of Mount Cyllene. It was in this cave that their son Hermes was born.
  • The Ancient Greeks attribute many innovations to Hermes. He discovered the flame, constructed the first lyre and flute, and introduced words and numbers. He invented medicine, astrology, weights, measures and commerce. And he carried the Cadeuceus.

So, the protector from poleshifts, had a daughter in charge of the rebirth of Earth, who is was the mother of Hermes who carried the Cadeuceus.

Hermes appears to be the same character as Quetzalcoatl/Kulkulcan/Nahuatl of Mesoamerica. The both had serpent imagery (Quetzalcoatl was a feathered serpent, Hermes wore a winged hat and sandals and carried the Cadeuceus) and each provided similar services to their people (Quetzalcoatl cured ailments, introduced corn, science, calendars, created fire and gave instruction of music and dance). Another mythical cousin to these two is Buddha. Also a great teacher, he had a virgin mother named Maya.

Although this symbol is most famous for being carried by Hermes, we can trace it back to a much earlier civilisation.

The earliest depiction of the Cadeuceus, flanked by a pair of dragons, circa 4000BC

On exhibit in the Louvre is a green libation vase, which was excavated from the ancient Mesopotamian city of Lagash.  The inscription on it, from King Gudea of Lagash circa 2025 BC, is a dedication to Ningizzida.  Also on the vase is an image of two entwined snakes on a rod.  Some have dated the vase as far back as 4000 B.C. The rod is most likely to be Axis Mundi, the world tree, Yggdrasil, the tree of life.  Ningizzida, a fertility god, was also known as 'Lord of the Tree of Life'.  He was often depicted as a serpent with a human head, and later became a god of healing and magic.  His companion was Tammuz/Dumuzi, who personified the creative powers of spring [19] (like the Greek Maia).

And Ningizzida was the son of Ninazu (a.k.a Anzu or Zu) - a divine storm-bird and the personification of the southern wind and the thunderclouds. [20]

In the same era the cadeuceus was being used by the people of India to represent Kundalini - but that's another story.

Could ancient scriptures and symbols, ostensively brilliantly simple descriptions of DNA, have come from a dragon?  Or were they just credited to a dragon in a myth, because dragons represent order from chaos, and symbolise terrible all-changing catastrophes?

The fifth Aztec age was initiated by the dragon Quetzalcoatl in 3,113 B.C. and is due to complete its cycle on Dec. 21, 2012. Is it just a coincidence that this happens to be the next Chinese year of the Dragon? Is this the date of the next pole shift?

A Theory

Here is a theory that combines all myths about dragons:

Between 5,000 and 12,000 years ago, an extraterrestrial force, with accompanying cosmic radiation, caused the Earth's poles to shift.

  • The Norse, Greek, Aztec, Chippewa & Chinese all have flood legends which have dragons in an integral role
  • The Fon and Norse legends involve the world tipping over, because of dragons
  • The Norse and Babylonian flood legends involve the shifting of the stars - something that would appear to happen in a pole shift

This in turn caused a global cataclysm of floods, earthquakes, mud and volcanoes. All living things had their numbers drastically reduced. Life arose from mud. Those that survived had mutated DNA from cosmic radiation - (even today cosmic rays are the main cause of random DNA mutations). Many new species came about.

  • The Fon, Norse, Babylonian, Aztec & Chinese all have creation legends involving dragons
  • The Norse, Babylonian, Greek, Aztec & Chinese all have mutations appearing in their legends

Some, including dragons and unicorns, had genetic Achilles heels, which prevented them from surviving through until the modern era.

Dragons were the most monstrous of all the new species, and became the symbol of the cataclysm and the resulting mutations. After a few generations, two species of humans remained, the Neanderthals (giants) and the Nephilim (angels/gods). The Nephilim were the most changed, and they became associated with dragon symbolism. They had changed for the better, and they retained information from before the cataclysm. But they were few, and they were weak. The only way to survive was to mate with the Neanderthal giants. And to teach their offspring all they knew.

  • Cecrops and Athena (Greece), Quetzalcoatl (Aztec) & Nü-Kua (China) were all dragons that introduced knowledge to their respective cultures

The ancient myths that relate to the cataclysm feature dragons and mutations, as a simplistic way of explaining what had happened. It is to their the credit of the inventors of these myths, that the underlying message has somehow managed to survive for millennia.


Dragon Myths

1. Introduction / Ouroboros
2. African / Scandinavian / Babylonian
3. The Americas
4. Ancient Greece & China
5. DNA & the I Ching
Next >>> 6. Were Dragons Real?

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Comments from Visitors

and wont we all be surprised just like the wolly mammoths of long ago when all our cities suddenly crumble and north america becomes like a jungle
(06.04.2004, 11:55)

The Ear:
dude a jungle would kik ass
(02.05.2004, 17:26)

I read a very good introductory book on the link between DNA and Shamanism The Cosmic Serpent and DNA by Jeremy Narby. Anthropologists hae been criticised in the past for not being able to be 'objective' when studying indigenous people and non-scientific. The fact that all different cultures of different periods on the Earth (especially pre-Chrisitanity) have built up on the idea that there is a twin-serpent that creates a ladder (DNA and it's double helix) is extraordinary and spiritualists alwasy say to look for the Divine Spark within yourself (DNA is life creating). Coincidence? Synchronicity more like.
(07.07.2004, 17:08)

Jason Balcaitis:
I have a theory for you... This was told to me in a dream by the way. I believe human ancestry first came from Mars. When the settlers of Mars knew life on there planet was becoming in-hospitable(drying-out) there only option was to escape to the sister planet Earth and they became the first settlers of the lost continent of Atlantis. For an alien to Earth coming from Mars there bodies and evolution were not use to this planet(due to the cold climate of Mars) so they had to genetically cross breed with monkeys to create us....humans. The evidence is there (face on Mars as well as pyramids) So after the cross breeding They initiated an ice age which froze the oceans and brought Atlantis out of the sea which also slowly let them evolve in a cold enviroment like Mars. After Atlantis sunk into the ocean the inhabitantns of Atlantis spread to both East and West and therefore thats why the Mayans and Egyptians have huge connections and similarities to each other. Theres youre missing link BAM!
(08.07.2004, 22:09)

Thanks a lot for doing this web site, I happened to be writing a fantasy/ sci fi book on some of the same types of theory's mainly the mayan end date and cosmic rays, who knows I may even get it published one day? Good luck to you on yours
(24.07.2004, 17:21)


(27.09.2004, 22:41)

Friendly Biologist:
QUOTE "Those that survived had mutated DNA from cosmic radiation - (even today cosmic rays are the main cause of random DNA mutations). Many new species came about." END QUOTE - - This is not true, please see my other post in your cosmic rays section.
(09.03.2005, 22:32)

Frater Pan:
I find it interesting that you mention the 8X8 magic square in connection with all of this, since the kamea of Mercury is an 8X8 magic square -- Mercury is, of course, Hermes who carries the Cadeuceus and whom you've connected with Quetzalcoatl. So it all ties in together
(11.03.2005, 07:57)

I read an interesting (fictional) novel that may help one understand the existence of ancient evolved humans and a previously advanced Earth. Clive Cussler's "Atlantis Found" points an amazingly strong finger at a past of which we're just beginning to scratch the surface. Though the story is make-believe, many facts and artifacts are brought to light. Apart from the book, I find an uncomfortable coincidence that so many worldwide cultures share the same past tragedies and future cataclysms. We don't know how this information was shared, learned, nor how to predict the "next" change. I'd rather be a little chicken crying about the sky than an ostrich with my head in the sand. Read, study, learn...I guarantee that your feeling of mortality will wither. Best regards, hope to see you on the boat or mountain top.
(03.06.2005, 17:03)

Robby e Merry:
sono un appassionato italiano , conosco il tao del caos , e i ching da molto tempo , ho collegato il suono delle parole \nomi al tempo e al destino , e ho scoperto che funziona come la struttura del DNA . - If You Want to Know other of all conctat by E Mail - P.S 2012 isn'nt the end - R&M
(05.06.2005, 02:15)

only sort of a dork:
i mean this constructively, but what the heck! this stuff starts to get creepily making sense and then it says something about neandrathals mating with angels. and the part about extraterrestrials is ridiculously unfounded too. i mean, im all for magic and time travel and quantum physics and all that. the parts about the i ching being related to dna and the mayan callender predicting the fall of thier civilization are totally fascinating, but the absolutley insane stuff makes me really uncomfortable
(23.06.2005, 23:52)

This is probably completely a coincidence but figures 1 & 2 above of the Ho Tu and Fu Xi are eerily reminiscent of the X-ray diffraction pictures the Watson and Crick used to identify the structure of DNA as we know it now. -
(20.07.2005, 09:32)

Hi, I recently watched a video of a presentation by Greg Braden who spoke of the reverse polarity effects of approaching 2012, and of the 64 strands of DNA, which I connected to the 64 hexagrams of the I ching having studied them for a number of years now. Nice to have you confirm it! Also good to know that I am not alone in this research of developing events,which as we accelerate towards 2012 seems to be dividing people into 2 types, you could say Yin and Yang? i.e. those who believe and those who don't.Keep up the good work!
(08.09.2005, 16:43)

I must say, interesting read, but not all your sources/claims are reputable. (eg buddha/virgin mother).
(11.09.2005, 05:28)

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[*] The story of Aesculapius and his association with Hermes begins to make the story of the related symbols quite interesting. According to Greek myth, the god Apollo, in a fit of jealousy, killed his unfaithful mortal lover, a woman named Coronis (the Greek root of her name, korone, refers to a seabird, or a crow). When Apollo discovered that she was pregnant with his son, he had Hermes deliver the child while her body lay on the funeral pyre. The child was none other than Aesculapius. ( from "Caduecus" April 2002)

[17] Ch'u Chai and Winber Chai, eds. I Ching: Book of Changes, translated by James Legge (New York: University Books, Inc., 1964) ii

[18] See Tao of Chaos by Katya Walter or DNA and the I Ching by Johnson F. Yan, or "The I Ching & the Genetic Code: The Hidden Key to Life"; Martin Schonberger, ASI Publishers Inc., New York N.Y., 1979

[19] April 2002


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