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Real Dragons?

Did the dragon once live?

All of the Oriental dragons were intimately associated with water.  Dragons lived in lakes and rivers and seas, even in raindrops.  They controlled the tides, floods and rainfall.  If they really existed, then a source that immediately comes to mind is the Chinese alligator, Alligator sinensis.  They are not as large as their American cousin, ranging from an average two metres in length to sometimes three metres.  But they are dangerous, reptilian and water-based - all good reasons for linking them to the Oriental dragon.  But only if you haven't heard of the predecessors of the real-life Komodo dragon .

Australian monitor lizards all belong to the genus Varanus.  They are easily identifiable by their streamlined shape, elongated neck, semi-erect posture, and a forked tongue - which can give the effect of fire-breathing.  They all look very similar except for their size differences, which are extreme to say the least.  The smallest is the pygmy monitor Varanus brevicauda (20 centimetres long, weighs 8-10 grams).  The largest in Australia is the perentie or Varanus giganteus, which can attain a length of two metres.

 This is just a small portion of my online book, Survive 2012 - a look into possible ways our world might end, and how to survive. Available in bookstores sometime before 2012, fingers-crossed...

Larger still are the Komodo Dragons (Varanus komodoensis) of Indonesia, a country that the ancient Chinese would certainly have visited. [20]  They can reach lengths of three metres and weigh 150 kgs, [21] making them the world's largest lizards.  They are formidable predators, like crocodiles that are able to run quickly across land.  They were probably the reason that the stegodonts (pygmy elephants) [22] became extinct in this area. They might even have wiped out the 1-metre tall, miniature humans, Homo floresiensis, who lived there up until 12,000 years ago.

These dragons were previously more widespread, with evidence of them once occurring in Mongolia coming to light. [23]  And in Queensland, Australia, only becoming extinct 19,000 years ago (take that date with a pinch of salt), was a bigger lizard still, a cousin of the Komodo dubbed Megalania prisca.

Megalania prisca

Megalania prisca, as we have learned from fossil evidence, grew to be a staggering seven metres in length and weighed 600 kgs [24].  Although it was technically a lizard, it must have had the presence of a dinosaur, and almost certainly ate a few of the humans of that era.  But it's usual meal was more likely to have been rhinoceros-sized wombats.  [Strange days indeed with gigantism seeming to be rampant.]  These meals are believable when you consider that Komodo dragons have been known to kill water buffalo weighing three times more than themselves. [25]

Which brings us back to ancient Rome!  Pliny, the Roman naturalist, said that the dragon of India was

"so enormous a size as easily to envelop the elephant with its folds and encircle with its coils.  The contest is equally fatal to both; the elephant, vanquished, falls to the earth and by its weight crushes the dragon which is entwined about it."

He also mentioned the dragons of Ethiopia, which, with a length of only thirty feet, were too small to kill elephants.  Other European myths state that dragons always jumped onto elephants from out of trees.  Is this all just fantasy, amazing stories concocted to scare children with?  Or is it just as reasonable to suggest that dragons once lived?

So where are we heading?  On the one hand there are myths connecting dragons to global destruction and rebirth.  On the other are links to DNA, ancient languages, ancient calendars and the I Ching.  And now I am taking a big breath and suggesting that the mythical dragons were rooted in reality, that knights in shining armour actually killed real dragons, and somehow it all makes sense.  This is where a new theory of evolution comes in.. stay tuned.

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Dragon Myths

1. Introduction / Ouroboros
2. African / Scandinavian / Babylonian
3. The Americas
4. Ancient Greece & China
5. DNA & the I Ching
6. Were Dragons Real?

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Comments from Visitors

every colture has a dragon myth. the aztecs the eskimos the chinese these countrys NEVER talked to each other and NEVER conected with each simply is to hard to belive that they were all making it up. how do all these cultures come up with the same basic idea of the same animal at the smae time! theres a qute fro mthe animal planet special. thats what I say to you non belivers! Dragfons existed!!!!! It was humans that killed them! it was us!!! there is goes to show you we just think we can crush every species in ourpath, well whoeer thinks that is wrong. once again dragons existed!! cya!
(28.04.2005, 15:08)

look i dont think they lived in rain drops but i hav done research over 2 years and i hav found that they were around when the dinosaurs lived and evolved into marine dragons when the dinos died and evloved back into land dwellers that had 6 limbs 4 legs 2 wings and one of my theorys is they could breath fire with the right components
(28.04.2005, 15:15)

and towards the 50 million years ago when the first humans were alive there was to much oxygen so they had to live in the mountains and that was when there was about 70 left and thanks to humans we killed the last of the dragons off
(28.04.2005, 15:18)

aron is totally correct how did we come up with the ideas of dragons like the chinese dragons if u study them u would c they hav sort of webbed feet which comes to my theory they came to evolve to 6 limbed dragons again from them and thats what the chinese saw a sea based dragon coming to live on land again
(28.04.2005, 15:21)

John F. Huth Sr.:
I watched a show the other night dragons myths or real on the discovery channel. It appears that once that they really did exist in our past and maybe now. The ancient Indian myth,s talk about huge birds that preceeded storms, capiable of picking up a human victim. I've seen shows that witnessed that event.
(03.05.2005, 02:53)

I agree with Anon how can almozt every ancient culture have a myth based on the same creature and most of them never talked to each other? That would be proof engouh for me! that whole platmuim-eating thing is a little bit out there. but i think that some kind of giant lizard (flying or not) did escape the KT event (end of dinos) and eventually (and possibly) died out in the late 1600's. And the stories about the Locke Ness Monster could be the last to the remaining Marine Dragons.
(07.05.2005, 10:26)

History and myth can become intertwined as time passes. It's like the Beast of Gevaudan... we will never know if there were any real animals that could fit or live up to the legends of these bygone times. As far as I know, the phylum chordata has never yeilded any 6 limbed creatures that could fit the concept of the accepted western dragon ( 4 legs, 2 wings ). The special that was on Animal Planet about dragons was fairly entertaining, but was a lot of hypothesising and conjecture. But anything is possible. :) - Dru- the last scientifically based draconologist in Missouri.
(09.05.2005, 01:01)

dragons could have been real, just not the way that we here of them today. maybe just closely related, such as heated breath insted of fire, and flaps underneath the arms, like the fliying lizzard, instead of wings. it is all changed through millions of years of stories.
(11.05.2005, 00:48)

Scott: tells among other things of possible teradackle like creatures in I think New Guinea. I also heard in about 2000 a female archologist say she found a Trex- like skeleton with bonemarrow in England near the surface.
(15.05.2005, 08:36)

In the Bible it says God made the land animals on the sixth day, which would include the dinosaurs. They apparently survived the flood because the apatosaurus type and another are described in Job 40:15. You can tell its not a hippo because a hippo has a dinky tail - this thing has a tail shaped like a cedar tree. Plus he lives around the river, eats grass like a cow (can't be a gator), is so big it doesn't bother him when the river floods, and was made along with the man. One of the most heavily hit sites on the net for good reason is which is put together by PhD scientists who believe in a young universe (as did Newton, Pasteur, and most every other big gun scientist of history). The scientist who invented the MRI believes that.
(21.05.2005, 21:30)

answering to: "back to reality: - The animal planet "documentary" is very much fiction and pretty trashy fiction at that. As the previous comment points out, if there were a frozen dragon body found you would probably have to be frozen yourself to avoid the press coverage it would get. Although the programme did provide what some experts cite to be an explanation of how fire breathing might work the majority of the scientific community is still very much of the opinion that a living creature which contains fifty tons of hydrgen and methane gas inside it AND eats platinum for breakfast would be little more than a ticking time bomb, talk about an evolutionary dead end. To answer the comments made concerning dragons' appearances in various mythologies; to conclude that this alone is evidence enough to prove the existance of dragons is tantamount to concluding that because of all the socio and cultural hub-bub ascociated with santa clause during the past five hundred years, that he must also exist." - - - Man, even the tale of santa is based on true facts. I rest my case
(02.06.2005, 21:54)

All I have to add to this is the fact that all myths are based on truth. Only with the invention of writing for entertainment did we start using our imaginations to create myths and fiction. I am sure people of our past had imaginations so dont start with that, but they didnt waste time passing on stories, written or spoken, that didn't teach about their past or other subjects needed for survival. (i.e. Surviving a dragon attack!)
(17.06.2005, 23:00)

J McCracken:
Jeez guys, Use your heads...The "Dragon" or "Serpent" is a reference to the constellation "Draconis" which in acient times was used along with a rather ingenious device known as the "Celtic Cross" ( to navigate the oceans by some very wealthy merchants intent on keeping the the Lions share of the wealth for themselves. Imagine, what better way to keep the true (spherical) world and its riches a secret from the masses of the known (flat) world than to use their own ignorance and fears against them. By starting rumors and stories which in time turned into legends these ruthless merchants managed to secure lucrative trade routes throughout the world. Until the advent of the World Wide Web many dynasties maintained their grip on their populations by placing knowledge (i.e. Law, Medicine, Physics etc.) out of the reach of the commoner. This tactic is still used to this day in several countries (Can you think of any?).
(27.06.2005, 12:48)

Basically what you are saying, is that because there isnt any scientific proof that dragons exist, other then the legends of at LEAST a dozen ancient cultures and civilizations, that date back before "Jesus" it can't be true??? Then we might just as well throw out christianity and the bible. Its all heresay and legends. Nothing proven. Just something humans wrote long after the Dragons had faded away. -Dracoligist
(13.09.2005, 17:43)

i say they are real today because the mite just be eating people in the beremuda triangle!
(19.09.2005, 05:11)

Dragons of Life and Mind will rise during a period to 2012. Quick evolution of the spirit to a reptilian side to us we will be able to cast out into the sea(space) a new one, and live on of what we no now. " I will make you fishers of men" exemption of the body. Live in the realm which defines you.
(19.09.2005, 18:30)

Booga man:
hello... i didnt read this caz it lokked v\boring o i did read it anyway...jibba jbba...tell mea about dragons and where they live and that and know...
(21.09.2005, 01:39)

Booga man:
ehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe...dragons...who belive in dragons....i do....the kamdodo or what a really smaller versin\on of a dragon i think..lololololololol
(21.09.2005, 01:41)

Booga man:
Ogga Bogga skdbuefbenoirhnwoiranwobnwoirbhwioahbior hiut hwuighwri l9l hengwhb ;lo,lhgcv fuck us now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(21.09.2005, 01:42)

Booga man:
opps...sorry that was my friend...ishouldnt of told my friend or friends about this web site...sorry!!!!lol
(21.09.2005, 01:43)

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[20] Some ancient Chinese texts even tell of Australian kangaroos and boomerangs

[21] Auffenberg 1981

[22] Diamond, Jared.  1992.  "The Evolution of Dragons."  Discover  13(12):  72-80.

[23] Wilford, J.N., After 60 years, Scientists Return to Fossil 'Paradise' of the Gobi. Science Times. The New York Times, Tuesday, July 29, 1990, pp. B5 and B8.

[24] (Hecht 1975; Auffenberg  1981; Rich 1985).

[25] Auffenberg 1981


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