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 - The Bast Theory

Why 2012?

 The world probably won't end then, but if it does, I hope some of us are prepared

 - Mayan Calendar
 - Fractal Time / I Ching
 - Galactic Alignment


I actually believe they once existed, but they didn't last long

 - Introduction / Ouroboros
 - Africa / Scandic / Babylon
 - The Americas
 - Ancient Greece & China
 - DNA & the I Ching
 - Were Dragons Real?

Nazca Lines

They are connected with Giza! Read my original theory

 - General Info
 - Who created them?
 - What do they mean?
 - Belt of Orion?
 - Other geoglyphs

Pole Shifts

The evidence of poleshifts in our recent past is powerful, but what causes them?

 - Opposing Views
 - Velikovsky
 - How could they Shift?
 - Hapgood and Bowles
 - Evidence Part I
 - Evidence Part II

Global Pyramids

There are far, far more pyramids than those in Egypt

 - Middle East / Africa
 - The Americas
 - Europe
 - Asia and Pacific
 - Pyramids as Cosmic Ray Shelters?

Guest Articles

I'm not the only one writing on these topics...

 - Pole Shift & Pole Reversal in 2012 by Patrick Geryl
 - Why the North Becomes South by Patrick Geryl

As well as...

 - Cosmic Rays - they are zipping through you at this very moment!
 - The Aquatic Ape Theory - an amazing theory that needs to be taught at schools!


 - Books to Get - additional reading for anyone interested
 - Contact Me - plus a mini bio and a link to a photo
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